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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Melancholy of the Shoe.

Shoes, shoes, shoes. You are letting me down. I am searching for the perfect pair amongst all of these common, I'm not too terribly thrilled about you kinds of shoes. What happened to the days when they made to die for shoes? At this point I am willing to part with 100-200 dollars just to find a pair of shoes that creates a reaction such as, "GASP! What adorable shoes, I must, must have them." I am looking for a comfy, simple, yet envious flat...that doesn't exist!! To hell with all other shoes, I can walk by you without a second glance. But will Mr. Right please present yourself to me under a spotlight, with a choir hallelujahing in the background. Cheesy Vegas lights, show me the way! I just want, need and pine for the perfect pair of shoes! *sob, wail, gnash* All dramatics aside: I WANT THOSE SHOES NOW! Otherwise I will be forced to go back to my Seattle roots and wear sandals with socks year round.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Le Wedding

I'll provide one picture for now. But it's official, we are married!!!