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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Will Work For Shoes.

I am in serious need of shoes...but until Miss Pudgy Toes can squeeze back into them, it's going to be a while before my feet will know the happiness of new squeaky leather, uncomfortable heels dying to be broken in and rocking a new confidence that is only found in a brand spankin' new pair of shoes. Maybe my goal will be a shopping spree for when I lose XX pounds. New jeans, new shoes, cute new tops I can only ever hope to wear again, and maybe even a haircut or highlights and at least 5 pairs of seriously cute shoes. I had better start saving...but the hubs promised me a good shopping spree if I don't get an epidural. He knows I don't want one, so he is giving me another incentive to not get one, to help me say no when the time comes. We will see though, since I haven't taken a single Hypno-birthing coarse yet. Ugh.

So I have the best hubby ever. Last night he comes home from work with a bouquet of roses...JUST BECAUSE!!! And then when I woke up at 2 in the morning with some serious morning sickness, he runs to Walmart to get me Unisom and saltines. Which I was super grateful for because I legit thought I was going to puke walking up and down the isles. So I got to lay in bed dreaming of puking while he stumbled around Walmart to settle my queasy tummy. Speaking of morning sickness, wasn't that supposed to stop? Like in the first trimester? Why is it revisiting when I am weeks away from giving birth. Because now I am just as sick as I was for the first 16 weeks, but to top it all off I have a ginormASS belly, achy hips, swollen everything, killer back pain, and a very hyper baby who likes to get especially hyper when I am feeling my worst...you know, to shake things up even more! ;) Love her though. And to top it all off I have been looking super cute lately, as in, my clothes are all too small...so I have resorted to sweatpants and the hub's hoodies. He has been very generous, sharing his clothes with me...but secretly I think he is afraid I might stretch them all out! Haha. Anyway, like I have said before, I don't like being prego, but I would never go back and change it. I am super grateful we are having a baby and I just know she is going to be worth every stretch mark, ache, pound gained, and wacky emotion. And Ghent is going to seriously be the best dad ever, I can't wait to see him with Faye. I am very lucky. Swollen but lucky!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Morning sickness in the 3rd trimester?

SAY WHA?!?! I thought I was over that crap. Apparently it is back with vengeance. This is my last baby. Ok, ok not really, but honestly...I do NOT enjoy pregnancy. I love feeling Faye moving around, and I love that as soon as she is born we will already have bonded, but pregnancy in general, not a fan. So this whole morning sickness thing is an all day event, like it was in the first trimester, and it is making it really difficult to get everything done I need to before Faye gets here. I am finishing her crib bumper today hopefully, but I don't know if I am going to get to the vacuuming that I swore I would do last night. Ugh. Only 3-6 more weeks. I can do this!!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Dumbledore's Army

You know that scene in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix where Harry and Hermione are giving a speech in order to get peeps to join Dumbledore's Army? Well that scene made me cry today. Uhhhh...I can't believe I just admitted that, especially since I was super relieved I was the only one home when it happened. But I have a bad habit of divulging my embarrassing moments. I must be getting close to the end if silly things are making me cry lately. So it's a good sign right!?!? However, Professor Umbridge is way more terrifying than Voldemort...I don't see why they call him you-know-who...I'd be calling Umbridge that, she freaks me out. So anyway in a little less than 2 weeks time we are getting another ultrasound! Only cause I am gaining MASSIVE amounts of weight, so doc wants to see if Faye is measuring big...maybe I am farther along that anticipated? Hey, Hey! You know what that means! I'm so looking forward to holding Faye in my arms and starting P90X again and going on a diet. Soon, soon. I can't wait to meet her. Yesterday she seemed to be getting pretty frustrated about being crammed in my uterus cause she was shoving her butt out one side of my stomach and shoving her feet out the other side of my stomach and holding that stretch before repeating it over and over...she has long legs...

3-6 weeks!! :)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


The restless nights have begun. Actually they started a while ago, as in I am constantly waking up to pee or flip over because my hips are hurting so bad. But tonight is the first night I cannot fall back asleep for various reasons. I'm actually looking forward to 7 or 8 am when it is decent for me to be awake and not depressing. The 4am toast was a good idea, the 4am orange juice was a bad one. Next time I need to opt for milk as I am now adding tums to my 4 am munchies. *shudder* I loathe tums. They make me dry heave every time I eat them, but it's better than wicked heart burn.

On a different note: I cannot wait for our little home to come together. There is not a single picture on the wall yet, we are waiting for our new couch to arrive so we have nothing to sit on currently but bar stools and kitchen chairs. And I broke the bed if you remember, so our bedroom is looking rather shabby, and Faye's room is still pretty much a disaster zone. But every time I try to tackle all my projects a nap or snack starts sounding really good. And there are so many things I want to build...but I am refusing to take on new projects until things are looking more organized and pictures are hanging on the wall. Then there are curtains to sew, a kitchen table and chairs to refinish, and nightstands to build or buy depending on my energy level. But I did get my very first power tool this last weekend. A Dewalt screw/drill gun. My Dad gave it to me which makes it super special since it's the very same one that built their house. (wipe tear) It's a beauty. Now I just need a jigsaw, a sander, and maybe a nail gun...yeah. The miter saw will just have to wait until next year during another Santa visit, since he still brings me gifts. I refuse to grow up when it comes to the holidays. Anyway, I got way off topic somehow.

Hubs and I went to Spokane this last weekend, my little brother and his family were sealed in the temple so we went to be there with them for that. And as a nice side bonus, my mom threw me a baby shower!! I was so excited!! I did not think I was getting one, so it was fun to experience and Faye got hooked up. I mean like hoooooked up! Between the designer hand-me-downs from cousins, purchases we have made and the baby shower, I think she has a bigger wardrobe than Ghent and I combined. And probably more expensive too. So peeps will be wondering what this little movie star baby is doing with those two hooligans that can't even dress themselves properly. She might have to wear shades to cover her embarrassment. Anyway the baby shower was amazing. I couldn't have asked for anything more, my mom and her friend did AWESOME! (I'd post pictures, but the 3rd trimester chipmunk cheeks have attacked and I am just too cute right now to allow the public to see them, it would make the world jealous) I actually didn't really notice them until I saw my baby shower pictures. Then I was like "WTF???"

February 15th is our V-Day, then you don't waste your romantic evening waiting at a crowded restaurant to be seated. So our V-day last night was fun. For the record.

Well I think I am off to do something productive with my morning...like make the hubs a sack lunch for work.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Broken beds, swollen feet and a lot of Yumi.

I don't know what is going on with Yumi (the cat) lately. She is attached to my ankles and follows me everywhere. Even when I am sitting at my computer she jumps on the desk and puts her stinky cat cheeks in my face until I love on her. She is suuuper needy all of a sudden. Maybe she is afraid she won't get anymore loves once baby Faye is here.

Speaking of Faye, I am almost finished with her quilt. It's pieced, sandwiched and ready to be quilted together now. It is looking pretty cute too. Yumi has been helping me quilt whenever I bring it out. She likes to pounce on it after I have laid it out and give me those big kitty eyes proclaiming innocence. HA! I know better. She is a little munchkin, look at those fangs, you can't be sweet with fangs like that. But since I'm a sucker and fall for anything, I let her play on the quilt until she gets bored.

As of a week ago, my feet, ankles, calves and even knees have started swelling. So around 7pm now it looks like I have a really severe case of Elephantiasis. Which is HOT. Sexy HOT. So I'm looking planetary with hobbit feet. I think I am the hottest pregnant lady I have ever seen. Grrrr BABY!

Then last night, while hubby and I are laying in bed reading there is a loud CRACK and my side of the bed drops. I legit broke the bed with my pregnant monstrosity. Good thing Yumi wasn't hiding under the bed at the time. Ghent thought it was hilarious and when I innocently declared that I was not nearly fat enough to break a bed he sympathetically replies, "Well, it didn't break on my side". For the record, he still weighs more than me, so I have no clue why his side of the bed remained intact while the screws literally shattered on my side. It makes no sense. But it was real good for the self-esteem. I have been feeling extremely gorgeous lately so I needed my ego deflated a little bit. So now we need a new bed frame because right now our box spring and mattress are just sitting on the ground. But at least it is easier for me to get into bed now.

Despite the major embarrassment of shattering all the screws on my side of the bed with my pregnant self, it was a pretty good laugh...after I was done sobbing. Haha, no really.

Anyway, back to Yumi since she is loving attention right now. Why is it that cats like to hide in the weirdest little cubby holes? I swear, you make a cubby for a second and they plant themselves and fall asleep before you even have a chance to cover it back up. Like file cabinet drawers for instance. Observe.
I literally left that open for a second and turned my back to find THIS!
She gives me that look and closes her eyes with a sleepy yawn. Now how can I disturb her feline beauty nap? It would be so rude of me...so I deal with an open drawer for a couple hours until she is fully rested. I know, I am cat whipped. I've admitted before that if Ghent and I had never met, I would probably be a crazy cat lady, but he keeps me in check. Sorta.