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Friday, September 17, 2010

170 BPM

Just had my 12 week doctor appointment and little jellyfish has a good beat. 170 beats per minute! It's so magical to hear your growing baby's heart beat, especially since I can't feel it's movements yet. It's almost like a little "Hi, I'm in here and doing good, quit worrying so much!" Phew. Lady was ecstatic.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Say wha? Have I been living under a rock? I have never heard of these things before, but they have a stretchy waist! I LOVE STRETCHY WAISTS. Especially since my waistline is ever increasing. I'm already growing out of my jeans, luckily a good friend who's done the belly thing 4 times told me of a little rubber band trick. So simple right? But my rubber bands are working  pretty hard right now. But tonight when I was at the mall looking for good belly shirts to hide my "is she pregnant or just fat?" belly, I came across JEGGINGS! Bum buh bum! Total comfort. They were made for those awkward baby bumps that don't fit in your jeans, but are still swimming in maternity. Match made in heaven, my belly was happy. I think tomorrow I will go buy 10 in every color! WHY HAS NO ONE TOLD ME ABOUT THESE?!?! I feel so out of the loop, especially after I googled them and realized how trendy and super cool they are right now. I return under my rock out of embarrassment.
So brilliant, right?!?!  

*claimer: My wonderful, amazing, super fly cousin CALIE MICHELLE told me about these and I laughed at her. I take back my giggles as I now own 3 of them. Forgive me, Calie and thank you for your wisdom. 

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

WA Coast Harleys!

Mom & Harley
Warning: Recentish happenings in one smooshed post.

It all started with our move from Texas to Spokane. A 3 day road trip with one cranky kitty, audio cd of Jim Butcher's Dresden series, Small Favor, 1 fast stop in Provo for some Cafe Rio, and fast forward; we made it to Spokane. It was a long trip.

So once we get here, my parents needed a Go car for their Harley trip. So we spent another 5 days driving around Washington coast following 2 Harleys. But it was Ghent's first ferry ride EVER, so it was totally worth the extra trip! Not to mention a free vacation and we got to hang out with the parentals.

Dad's real hair. ;)
We did stop at this amazing hat shop somewhere in there. And my dad and his friend mischievously convinced Ghent to try the world's HOTTEST F-ING Sauce, which landed him on the toilet pretty much the rest of the trip while my dad just laughed at his burning guts. "It feels like I just drank Napalm" was all he could choke out about the experience the next day. But we had a great time despite the Napalm coating his innards.

We also went to Forks, WA., which made me sick of the Twilight series instantly. I swear, if I hear one more thing about Bella shopping here, or Bella worked here, or here is where Bella and Charlie ate lunch...I may be forced to up-chuck my stomach contents all over the floor. But the people of Forks were really nice despite us trowing cheeze-itz in car windows to picky dogs who snubbed us.

And then we went to Mt. Rainier which was bloody cold and my flip flops just did not cut it. But neither did the 1920's lodge rooms where you could sit on the toilet and spit in the sink at the same time.
However, we did make our first baby purchase ever at said lodge. A fleece bear hat for baby on cold nights. But since baby is only 2 inches long currently, it could swim laps in this hat. So maybe next year when it's all finished growing important things, like vital organs.

Anyway, we saw tons of amazing, beautiful and breathtaking things. It really made me appreciate the outdoors again and it felt great to get some fresh northwestern air. I have missed dearly the northwest.

And of course, I had to ride the Harley, pregnant and all. But I only rode 30 minutes and the it was the safest and slowest part of the trip...So I am not completely irresponsible. And my Dad knows I am a sacred vessel carrying his grandchild, so he was extra cautious with me riding. Even if he referred to me as a holy Sphincter the rest of the trip. Ehh, go figure. 


Baby is doing great as far as I know, I go in for my 12 week appointment in 2 days and hopefully I can get another ultrasound because I am crazy obsessed with baby pictures.