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Monday, January 31, 2011

One Year Baby!

That is our ONE year anniversary of being married!! Well January 30th was our 1 year, but we were busy celebrating so I didn't write anything yesterday! And we spent it on the coast.

Sea Lion Caves

Do you see the belly button popping? Sessy.
Actually we spent it with some smelly sea lions...forgive the lighting, I was not supposed to use my flash in the cave. Well we had to ride an elevator down to this cave, and the lady who sold us the tickets actually told me "don't give birth or go into labor on the elevator, mmm-k?" Way to poop on my anniversary biotch. But I found the sea lions were much more accepting of my belly, friendly little buggers. Well after chillin' with the lions we went to the beach and made footprints in the sand. There is something about the Oregon coast that makes me so happy. Maybe it's the overcast weather, the cold mist, the chill breeze and wild ocean slapping against the rocks. Something about it is magical. Or maybe it was just because it was our anniversary. Ghent even went as far as writing "Happy Anniversary, Ashley" in the sand. He did write it under and "RIP Jenna Paul Hannah" So it really read "RIP Jenna Paul Hannah Ashley" Eh, nice! But just 5 minutes later the tide came in and wiped it away, so I didn't get a picture of it.

Handsome Man.

We ended the day with an AMAZING meal in Florence. I mean A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! It was seriously the perfect first anniversary celebration EVAH. I can't wait until next year when I won't have a big belly to tote around...that way I can spend more time walking the coast with grace instead of waddling around with my hands supporting my back and hips. Not to mention we will have baby Faye with us, but that might be a day requiring a babysitter. ;)


Friday, January 28, 2011

Special Delivery

Faye's first package!!!

I went to get the mail today and there was a key in my box...a key for the big mailbox. Everyone knows what that dirty little key means too, it promises a large package in the giant community box! I was sooo excited as I peeked inside and saw Faye's very first package ever.

But what could it possibly be??

 Just the prettiest crocheted blanket ever!!!


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Faye at the Opera

Ghent and I went to a choral concert last night, but it was more of an opera concert. They sounded amazing!! So amazing that baby Faye started doing twirls and ballet in my belly. It was the best thing ever to listen to beautiful music and to feel our baby enjoying the moment. Ghent had his hand on my stomach almost the whole time because she was being too entertaining to not want to feel what was going on in there. We had a pretty hard time staying quiet because we were silently giggling the whole time at her crazy movements. I dunno, maybe she didn't like it...but either way it was a blast for us.

I'm getting bigger everyday. As in abnormally large. I had a lady tell me yesterday that "tomorrow is a full moon, I bet you go into labor tomorrow...good luck" *wink* However, what she did not know was that I am only 29 weeks pregnant and not 39 weeks pregnant, so going into labor tomorrow would be a very bad thing. But apparently I look that big. Even a fellow pregnant lady told me I looked like I was about to pop...I thought pregnant peeps would be a bit more sensitive about the belly sizing since they know what's going on. And wherever I go at least twice a day (no joke) someone comments on how big I am. So I might just have a big girl in there...I guess I won't find out for a couple more months.

However, I am LOVING Oregon. I love it here. I love the rain everyday, the bright green of the grass and trees, the moss growing on everything, the "different" people here, the friendliness of everyone, the food, I love our home, and I love that in just 2 months, my little opera dancer will be making her debut. And I've been quilting. Faye's bedding is going to be adorable. (Not to toot my horn!) What I did not realize was how pricey quilting is...I always thought that if you could sew, sewing is cheaper than buying...but fabric is bloody expensive!!! But at least it is exactly what we want. Because Ghent and I looked at tons of different fabrics until we found the perfect one(s) for the nursery. And here it is...so far:

Not finished yet, it still needs another border! 

And here are a few more pictures:
My belly on my B-day, so Dec. 11th. (I'm much bigger now)
Grandma and Ivy! :) She's cute, eh?
Ivy's blessing day.