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Friday, August 27, 2010

Bye, Roxy.

Today my dog died. This was a puppy I researched, spent my entire high school career studying and obsessing over until I finally convinced my parents to buy one, a Papillon. She was the craziest dog ever and I LOVED her! We named her Roxy and she was neurotic, she barked all the time at everything, she would lay on the floor and go into spastic jolts under your feet or laying next to you for attention, she had the worst breath ever, she made you laugh everyday, she had a temper and she would growl at me every time I told her I loved her. She followed my mom and I everywhere, begged at the table, slept with me every night until I moved out of the house for college. She loved snuggling, thrived off of waking you up in the morning even when I would come back to visit, she was so perky and would run circles around the house. She was the most annoying dog, but she held such a GIANT place in my heart. And today she had to be put down. She went into kidney failure after 8 happy little years and I couldn't even say bye to her because I was miles away. I wish I could have snuggled her, kissed her and told her how much I loved her, even if she didn't have the energy to growl in response.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Natural Birth

So Hubby and I have been looking into our birthing options. I am the kind of person who likes to have my life neatly laid out in a time line, so even though I am not due until the beginning of April, the time line begins. I know for sure I want to have a natural birth and I know I would really like to have a water birth. But now I am thinking about just having a midwife and going totally granola for baby extraction. Like a midwife in my home with a rented birthing pool, my hubby, my mom, some Enya distraction and *bam* baby. That was the happy easy version. The real life version will most likely include a ton of profanity. Only problemo, we are moving in the next couple of months and I don't have a single idea as to where our final nesting ground will be. That doesn't fit in with my neat life time line. I am not enjoying this limbo state of location, but it is what it is. So where ever I end up, I will find the perfect midwife and start down the road that will eventually lead to this:
Now this is what I'm talking about. (Insert midwife, hubby, and mom)

Monday, August 23, 2010

Baby Beat.

It's my BABY!! 8 weeks exactly today and this mama and papa could not be more excited! We got to see and hear the heartbeat...was incredible. I seriously teared up because that was my baby... HEALTHY and beating beautifully. It even had it's little leg stretched out, totally chillin' in my uterus. I couldn't have been any happier in that moment. And it measured exactly, so April 4th bring me babies! (Baby)
Showing some leg. :) 

This is a good frontal image...and since it is the hubbies child too, I had to include his zombie love. This baby's first word will be "Bwaaaiiiiinsss". He will be so proud!


Friday, August 13, 2010

Kit Cat Jealous Much?

My cat is suuuuper envying my couch right now. It gets all the attention and smothering since Jellyfish took up residence in the uterus. I mean, I shuffle out of bed, somehow find my way to the couch, *plop* and hold my bladder until it's going to explode, only then do I shuffle to the bathroom, do my thang and head right back for the couch. Poor hubby has been left fending for himself as far as food and cleaning goes. I am so sickies that it's a great day if I shower! I do not know how these prego ladies with mad sickness still work jobs, clean their house, care for other kids and not vomit all over life. So Yumi ( el gato) has been feeling left out and tries to cuddle me like normal, but she lays her chunky behind right on my stomach. So she usually gets the boot instantly.

So we are moving at the end of this month. I'm so excited! Wherever we move, there had better be a Thai restaurant serving Massaman curry. I WANT CURRY SO BAD!!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Behold, my Jellyfish.

6weeks and cooking up just right.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Saltines and Ale

Since I am fairly confident no one reads my blog, I feel safe posting this. We are expecting!!! Again. And this time Doctors are taking me seriously, listening to my concerns and getting me in for an early ultrasound. I'll be 6 weeks in 2 days, and in 2 days...ultrasound! I'll get to hear my little jellyfish's heartbeat! Though I am excited beyond expression and so grateful, I can't help but to think...were I still prego with my last jellyfish, we would have been finding out the sex and not just if the ticker worked. I know I haven't 100% moved on from my miscarriage, but I feel like I started this pregnancy out right since I found out after being only 3 weeks prego. I've been on prenatals since the miscarriage, I quit drinking all caffeine and got into the Doctor right away. And so far everything is going swimmingly. But this time around...Hello Sickness. And not just morning, but afternoon and especially night. I am on the constant verge of up-chucking. But honestly I would have it no other way. It means the jellyfish is growing and healthy. So you will not hear complaining from this lady because I'd rather be sick than lose my jellyfish again. But instead of eating for two, I am praying to the porcelain toilet for two.

There have been a few (mostly worried parents) telling me not to get my hopes up too high, because "it could happen again..." I know. But do I want to spend every waking hour petrified of losing my baby all over again, not really, no. So hubby and I decided to take it one day at a time. And just enjoy the days instead of worry for the future. But I'm confidant this pregnancy will be just fine. This jellyfish is strong.