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Thursday, October 21, 2010

I fell down the stairs.

Not the whole staircase, but a good half of it. There is this slight spiral staircase at the house I am sitting a poodle for, and when I was walking down it, I totally slipped. Landed hard on me bum and back and bump thumped the entire way down. I focused on my abdomen and realized I didn't whack it so baby should be fine. However, later that night I was not blessed with it's nudges, nor was I this morning. Which got me worried. So I called the doctor and they got me in right away. Pronto, they don't take falls lightly I guess. So Doc joked with me about being clumsy and falling down a  flight of stairs, and then pulled out the fetal Doppler to listen to my nudger's heartbeat. Except there wasn't one. There was nothing but the steady beat of my own heart, and with that my heart sank. The doctors face fell and he looked really worried. He spent a good 5 minutes searching for the heartbeat, but found nothing. My eyes were beginning to flood when he said we needed to do an emergency ultrasound...

He jellied up my belly and put that magical little wand below my bellybutton. Instantly I saw my little baby...I looked for the heart, I found it, I saw it was still beating and a let a huge breath escape my lips. Doc did too. He started smiling instantly and said everything looked great! He said he was really worried he was going to have to tell me my baby died.

So the baby is just fine! All I did was rock it's world a bit.

"Eh, Mom, please watch your step from now on, you clumsy scarecrow"

Unfortunately I did not get to take home a picture of my little rock star who scared the crap out of my today. But I did get to see it's little 16.5 week old body curled up comfortably in my womb, wiggling and stretching. I WAS SO RELIEVED!!!

There are some peeps out there who were wondering why I did not ask the Doc to take a sneaky peek between babies legs. Honestly, I didn't even think about it, all I could think about was it's beautiful little heart just ticking away. Anyway, hubby badly wants to be there when I go in for my anatomy scan on November 15th, so I could wait a few more weeks to call it a he or a she. Until then, it's my little rock star, stair surfer. I fell, it conquered. Go baby!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

We've got a NUDGER!

At night my lower belly starts popping popcorn. The baby has been moving A LOT lately! It's been the greatest feeling ever. The other day I sneezed pretty hard and got a good little nudge from it. And last night was the most active night we have had so far! I could really feel it moving around a lot in there. Actually as I am typing this out, I'm sitting at my computer with one leg curled under me and the other pulled into my chest. I don't think baby likes this position too much cause it has been kicking me like crazy ever since I sat this way! So of course I leave my legs how they are because I LOVE BEING KICKED! I can't wait for Ghent to feel it kicking too. They say other people don't typically feel it kicking until after 20 weeks. So we have a little less than 4 weeks before he can join in on the fun. He's pretty excited for that too.

I'm so excited for Halloween. I'm bummed though because we don't have any Halloween plans. I think we are going to check out a corn maze, then go to a haunted amusement park (which I can't ride 1/2 the rides, but it's okay). But on Halloween itself, nothing. We don't even have costumes this year which is too bad, since it is my FAVORITE holiday ever. But these next few months are just great for holidays anyway. Halloween, my sis-in-law is having a baby, Thanksgiving, my Dad's b-day, then my B-day, Christmas, then our anniversary. So it will be a pretty fun and packed few months. But I am so excited! I just love this time of year!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Gender Ultrasound Scheduled!

November 15th I find out the gender of my little jellyfish...as long as it isn't shy about the goods. I'll be just a little over 19 weeks, so I am super excited. And I totally don't care what it is. Either does Ghent, we are just hoping healthy! But I think it's a girl and Ghent thinks it's a boy. So we will see who is right. We have a girls name picked out for sure, but we have no idea on boys names...so screwed. But my nurse is awesome. She totally reminded me of the highly caffeinated scientist lady from Meet the Robinsons. My doctor is great too!

I currently weigh more than I have EVER weighed in my life. And I am not even that far long. Jeggings are still my pant of choice and I recently bought the cutest pair of boots to compliment my jeggings and belly, which is still growing.

Babies heart beat clocked in at 165 today. I think I am starting to feel it move a little too. Usually when I am laying down, I can sometimes (rarely) feel a little nudge. Almost like popcorn popping...weirdest. I can't wait for a good solid KICK! Hi-Yah!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Baby bedding!

I have chosen! Ghent and I want gender neutral bedding for our baby because we plan on using it through all our babies. And this is just perfect!!! The picture looks a little more boyish, but if you read the reviews for it, a lot of people say it looks much more girlie than anticipated, but perfect for neutral bedding. I LOVE the colors!! Ghent likes it a lot too, but of course, he is more manly about the whole situation and doesn't squeal at everything adorable...go figure. But this got a 5-star squeal out of me. *gush*

So future baby, meet your bedding!!

Friday, October 8, 2010

No, I'm not having twins.

But it sure looks like it. So I thought it was time to start documenting belly shots, as I currently have a belly. Yikes. And all my pregnancy books tell me that I should barely be showing right now, especially since it's my first baby. WTF!!?! This is not barely showing.

So last night at my sister-in-law's (Jane) baby shower, tons of peeps were asking me how far along I was. My response "14.5 weeks"...silence..."Are you having twins?" NO! I'm just HUGE *sob*. It really was not that bad, I am being overly dramatic for sure. But twins? Then my aunt grabs my shirt, pulls it down so my plump girls are showing and announces "She's got a nice tight cleavage, it's big too!" My face turned the shade of the baby shower decorations...Bright PINK. Oh my hell. So apparently my cleavage is growing right along with that belly. Sooo good to know!

Ehhhh.....who knew that in pregnancy, your body is all of a sudden okay to talk about so openly and touched so freely? I did not, but now I do and I have a long time left so I better get used to it. Heh.