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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Birth Control Failure.

Here is the latest news. I think the image speaks for itself. But if that is not enough evidence, then take the Doc's news: Positive. So it's official. We are having a baby! Was this an accident? You bet it was! Let me break this down. Handsome man and I got married 4 months ago. We leave for our honeymoon in 2 days to go cruise the Caribbean. We just got news that we are 8 weeks prego and had no idea. But props to the pregnancy because here, we thought I was just getting lazy and sleeping all the time. Now I have a reason as to why the laziness kicked in. But that means we were married for a grand total of 2 months before the baby fertilization process occurred. As my sis-in-law said earlier today: Birth control Fail and God prevails. So there it is. We are going to be proud parents in about 7 months. Holy cow.

So I peed on my little stick, ran outside of the bathroom and hid in the living room for exactly 3 minutes, then Ghent and I snuck back into the bathroom to witness the results. Ash: "Oh, that's, um...." Ghent: "YOU ARE PREGNANT!!!!" <-- Yes, said with 4 exclamation points. Nervous? You bet we are. But more than anything we are so excited and feeling so blessed. So bring on the big belly and stretchy pants! We can't wait!

Here is what my little jellyfish looks like now:
Isn't it cute? *Gush*

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Squishy and Unruly Tenants

Before I forget. Here are my Day 1 pictures for P90X. They like you to take pictures on day 1, day 30, day 60 and day 90 so you can compare your results. We are on week 2 right now and husband and I are already showing some great results. But I'm not showing pictures until day 30! Oooh baby! I am super excited! And also super bummed I let myself get this squishy in the first place. *sob sob*

I'm going to take a second to gloat. Ghent and I booked a 7 day cruise on the Carnival! We are going to the Cayman Islands, then Montego Bay, Jamaica and last Cozumel, Mexico! And here is where I get rude and rub it in even more...we booked a suite with VIP passes. So we are the first ones on the boat, the first ones off, no lines for food and we get in to shows before everyone else, not to mention a much bigger room and balcony. *Gush* that felt so good to just brag without reservation. We leave on May 23rd. Lady is on cloud 9 and floating through life right now.

Also, meet the tenants who never pay rent:

I think they are too adorable to give the boot though. I found them in a box on my porch and instantly fell in love and just had to adopt them and find them all homes. Mama cat had other plans though as she despises me! I mean I am shocked she let me take this picture without shredding my eyes open. But she's just too pretty to be a stray! And then sadness occurred. Mama cat moved her precious little ones someplace else. I guess she thought I was going to hurt them. I tried to help the 2 she left behind, but one would not suck from a bottle. I could not let the little thing starve, so I hunted down the mama cat in my apartment complex and personally delivered her remaining 2 kittens to her on a furry blanket. Oh she was mad at me. I want to help them, I called the shelter, but they said they would just put them all down since the mama cat was not a people person, and they had too many kittens to devote enough time to bottle feeding after they killed the mom. So they slaughtered my shelter plan. What happened to the animal shelters that were free of euthanization? I mean, is Texas really just a chubby animal murdering state with no regard for the creatures on this earth? There are a million strays in my neighborhood too. People should not be allowed to adopt a pet if they are too mindless or poor to get the thing neutered or spayed. It just makes me sick.

Well some more unfortunate news: I broke a nail today, it was enough to frustrate me that I felt the need to write about it.