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Saturday, April 24, 2010


Today the mail man brought me a very exciting package. P90X is now in my possession and scheduled to begin on Monday. I am so excited! I always thought people who claimed marriage makes them gain weight were making up excuses. And they are. But I will admit since I have been married I have gained weight. But it is not from being married, it's just from eating unhealthy, not exercising and sitting on me bum. But the bum sitting and fast food munching ends today! I am eating exactly what the nutrition manual says, I am working out exactly how the exercise DVDs say and I am going to see REAL results. Hopefully see some amazing results in 30 days cause that is when we leave for our cruise and I would hate to be looking as soft and squishy as I am now. Ghent is doing P90X too, so at least we can help motivate each other when it becomes impossibly difficult. So our P90X package came today, we went and bought a chin-up bar, super nice yoga mats, power stands, and resistance bands. We are all set to go. And we are feeling really enthusiastic about it too. Day 1 photos will be posted Monday so I can track my results!

We also went tanning today. We went for 10 minutes on the regular beds and now look like lobsters...10 MINUTES! How did that happen? I fried my boobies. I think I will be running around braless for the next couple days. Youch.

Super tan and super toned here I come.