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Friday, June 22, 2012

Hello 26 weeks.

WOW!!!!! You mean 34 weeks? No. 26 weeks. I am cooking up another big baby. And he is a hyper little guy...kept me up until 3 am last night. Well between him and Faye I was up until 3, cause Fable was having some serious nightmares. 

We had a really good Father's Day! Ghent's parents came to town for the weekend so we spent it with his family in Portland. We got a hotel, lounged around, visited the pool (FREEZING) and the hot tub! Faye LOVED swimming, so I am really looking forward to our summer now. I was afraid she would hate swimming. I even bought this awesome sexy/super frumpy maternity suit. Like granny style, with a skirted bottom. Oh yeah. 

Faye had a blast pretending to drive...ruh roh.

Father's Day (Grandpa Cooper bought that dress for her!)
Lots of chalk drawing!
Lots of lounging at the park

Fable was amazing the whole time!! We have such a good little girl! We did however, catch her practicing her whine and sad face in the mirror one night. It scared Ghent...a lot! haha! And I got to go to Ikea to buy giant frames to I could finally hang our pictures!!! Faye's photos turned out so amazing!

 And tonight, for date night, we are finally buying our new iComfort memory foam mattress! I cannot wait to sleep comfortably, especially since my back has started killing me lately. It's taken  us months to commit to it though, it's just so expensive (for us), but we love it so much it will be worth it I hope!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

My boobs exploded

And I have the best husband EVER! Last night I spent my entire night (beginning after Fable went to bed) cleaning!! In my exhausted pregnant state I cleaned until 12:30 am. Then hauled my pregnant hiney to bed. This morning Faye woke up and completely demolished the entire downstairs in like 30 minutes flat. I was Dev-A-Stated! As in almost crying. She flung cheerios all over and by the time I got to her she was mashing them into the newly cleaned carpet. Let's say she was on one today. Because while I was cleaning up the cheerios she made her diaper stash explode, scattered toys everywhere and spilled her sippy of milk. At that point I gave up on the cheerios and just sat on the couch completely depressed. After Faye's nap (which was filled with dyin mah her, with a *gasp* box dye) we went to a friends to watch her twins while she ran some errands. I'm still totally depressed about the mess waiting for me at home. Anyways, I go home a couple hours later and walk in the door to a perfectly clean house and a fresh apple strudel on the counter with a sweet little note from the hubs. He snuck home from work while I was watching the kiddos and cleaned the house for me!! *SOB* And I did. Literally. It was the sweetest thing he has ever done and I cried (because I'm pregnant). So tonight I can get around to sewing because I just haven't had anytime lately! Best hubby ever, right?! And he hates it when I talk about him in blog land, but you can't not mention something that amazing. Love him.

And in the last week, my boobs exploded. They are HUGE.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I want bangs.

And whatever you do, do not google pregnant women and bangs. It will not pull up happily rounded bellies with thick bangs but rather some XXX stuff. I was hitting my back button at amazing speeds. My belleh is growing! And I am having a REALLY hard time with it this pregnancy. I loathe weight gain of any type, even if it means you are growing a healthy baby, it still makes me cry when I think about numbers. I don't understand how some prego peeps gain all their weight in the belly and not an ounce anywhere else. When I am prego, my face, arms, thighs, belly and boobs are prego. I am trying to watch what I eat, without getting obsessed, but I'm still gaining weight everywhere. And that is why I am putting off bangs for now. Because, though I desperately want them, I am terrified they will draw attention to my chipmunk cheeks. Maybe as a congratulatory gift to myself for hitting my old weight after baby boy is here, I will go chop the bangs. Then get an IUD so that I don't get pregnant again without intending too.

Speaking of bangs....

Fable's are out of control. I don't want a toddler with bangs though so I am trying to grow them out, but she won't let me clip them back. Sometimes, but not always she lets me put her hair in a little top pony though. Otherwise she is sporting this classy little do. (Looks kinda emo)

Her bedtime routine is AWESOME now! I noticed the last couple months she is getting super, super attached to her little giraffe blanket. Like cries if it's not in her crib (heaven forbid I left it in the wash before bed or naps). So lately I have been experimenting because normally I have to lay down with her until she falls asleep, wake her up and move her to the crib where she snuggles her blanket. But recently I started laying down with her for a few minutes, then moving her to the crib before she falls asleep. And finally last night she went straight to her crib without a fuss! Just mashed her cute little face into her blanket, grabbed her doll and waved bye-bye to me as I walked out. I sat at her door for like 5 minutes waiting for her to cry...but she never did!! And lately for naps all I have to do is lay her down with her blanket and doll and she is good to go! A part of me is so sad though because I like snuggling her to sleep, but I know we needed to break that habit before baby boy gets here because it will be too hard. But I am going to miss the bedtime snuggles. Hopefully when the newness of walking wears off she will be more inclined to snuggle with me on the couch like she used to.

Man, I made a cute kid.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Das Big.

As in my Belleh! Ignore my glamorous ensemble, I was babysitting some newborn twins today for a friend, which means I don't get to see the outside all day. So I jumped on the opportunity to adorn sweats and a messy side braid. But this same friend declared after not having seen me in a week, "Wow, you've really popped this last week!" Which freaked me out and I immediately ran upstairs to take a picture since I normally try to ignore the side profile. AND BOOM! There was a definite baby bulge. So naturally I called the hubby devastated that I have gotten so large, and his sweet, understanding, sympathetic reply was "You are definitely pregnant." Yah. I know. Thanks. Oh yah...blog gender reveal:

It's a.....BOY!!!!

We are super excited! And kind of freaking out about the idea of naming a boy. Because boys names suck. I really really really LOVE Maxwell Cooper Bailey. But the hubs vetoed my hopes for a perfectly named man child. So it's off to the compromising block. And that's just it, we are blocked.

Moving on. I got Faye's photos taken for her 1st birthday. Here are a few of my favorites!

She's sooooo adorable!! And I feel like I can brag about how cute she is because she looks so much like her daddy so it's not conceited to say I have a gorgeous daughter!

I'm excited she will have a little play buddy close to her age, even if I still cry about the idea of gaining more weight. It will be worth it all in the end. And I am glad it's a little brother. My little brother and I were always best friends growing up!

Little brother is sooooo squirmy. And Faye loves bouncing on my belly when I am not paying attention, which results is lost air and a few good kicks back. Of course I am the victim of both of their sibling rivalries. It's sweet.

And my angelic looking little 14 month old has perfected the art of the tantrum. ALREADY. We are nervous for her terrible twos and threes...but I love her, and I laugh at her tantrums when she is not looking because they are soooo dramatic!
But she is perfect. Tantrums and all, I wouldn't change a thing about her!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Belly Update

I was horrible at documenting belly growth with Faye. So far I am pretty bad with Thing 2...And eventually I will be so fat I will never take a photo until after Thing 2 has arrived. But until that moment arrives here are my belly shots so far:

WTF??? How did I get so big in 8.5 weeks?!?! 
I guess it is bound to happen...

On a happier note, we find out the gender of Thing 2 on Monday!!! *SQUEAL*

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Thing 2

Is due to arrive October 2nd 2012. WHAT?!?! Don't I already have a baby that isn't even 1 yet and I am already 13 weeks pregnant? YES!! Hence the reason for my tears 3 days straight after peeing on my stick. But I have made peace with it, and after seeing Thing 2 wiggling away on the ultrasound I am almost getting excited!

We were not trying for the record. We are apparently just oober fertile. I always hate to talk about it, because I know there are a lot of people who have tried for years unsuccessfully to have children. So I feel a bit ungrateful that we get pregnant on birth control or condoms and I cry about it. But I was not at all ready to get pregnant and have another baby just yet. I'm sure that come September I am going to be stoked about the idea of Thing 2, just right now...I'm still confused. One day I am super excited and cannot wait. The next day/even hour I'm wondering the I got myself in to.

Anyway, I am pretty sure this one is a boy. With Faye I was so sick my first trimester and could hardly get off the couch. This time around I have virtually no morning sickness. With Faye my metabolism up and died and I put on weight at enormous speeds. This time that is not even an issue. Faye's pregnancy I craved/needed MEAT, anything meaty belonged in my mouth and fruits and veggies always threatened to leave my stomach by way of mouth. This time I LOVE fruits and veggies...don't get me wrong, a chicken leg still makes me giddy, but at least I can eat more than animal products now. So that is my guess...a boy. We will see for sure in about 7ish weeks though. Ghent swears it will be another girl. We honestly do not even care what we have. Boy or girl we are going to be very happy. Anyway, so that was my big secret a while ago. Next week I am officially in my 2nd trimester, I'm looking forward to the energy again! Not the maternity clothes though!! *shudder*

Thursday, March 8, 2012


One of my best friends is coming to visit me for a whole week!!! I am so giddy. I've been trying to come up with fun ideas to do, like go to the coast one day, maybe Portland another. I am just so excited. Because while I love Eugene, and I love our ward, I get kind of lonely at times. And for an entire week it is going to be filled with one of my besties!!!! Girls week! Yes, please! I just hope Faye's neediness tones down a bit so we can actually talk, chill, do things, and of course play with Faye! She LOVES company by the way. It means more attention for her, and the girl loves some attention.

Monday, February 6, 2012

I'm bad at secrets.

So let's just say that for the next 6 weeks I am going to disappear via blog land until I can safely spill the beans. In which case there will be some good reads for gossip.

Ironically by posting this I'm sure half of the "what ifs" are correct.

Sayonara suckers! 

Monday, January 23, 2012

Bad Blogger.

Coming up on 2 years now! Now gonna lie, the first year was killer hard, maybe it had something to do with hormones and swollen legs. Or maybe it was just legitimately hard. But year 2, significantly better.

And there is talk of trying for another baby...it usually results in me crying when I think about going through pregnancy again. Though we want our kids to be close in age so they grow up buddies, I think we will wait a bit longer, not too much longer, but long enough for me to accept the inevitable! ;)

Faye is only 9 1/2 months so we have plenty of time to wait. But call me crazy I want to get it done with as fast as possible whilst still maintaining some amount of sanity.
And for your viewing pleasure, here is a picture of my beautiful girl. She just gets prettier everyday. To make things better, she is finally a mama's girl. It's been all about Daddy until 2 months ago and now she can't get enough of me. And I LUHVE it, but I do feel sorry for the hubs now...just a little bit. But she is super mom needy lately. Like I can't leave her sight with out her having a full-blown panic attack. I'm worried the Squeak may have some anxiety issues already. I mean it's hereditary, but I was hoping all our kids could avoid it.

I am so bad at blogging. I think the most consistent I have ever been in blogging was when I was preggo, but that was mainly so I could whine since everyone around me was getting annoyed.  Now-a-days there is not much to whine about so not much blogging gets done! Shouldn't it be the other way around though? Seriously.

On another note: I am buying these sexy ladies
Because it's raining, like a lot.  (big surprise, it's Oregon) And I always envisioned that when I was a mom I would take my kids on all sorts of adventures outside...or in shopping malls. But the soggy grass soaks through all my boots and shoes and Faye is getting cooped up and restless. Which means I need to brave the weather. Enter in boots and an umbrella because my wallet and hubby can't handle too many adventures to the mall. If only we were rich...

And has anyone heard of smash* journals? I have been doing a lot of smashing lately! It's a fun, lazy man's way to scrapbook/journal/doodle. Because I loathe scrap-booking and this makes it almost *gasp* fun.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hi-Chews you, Pikachu!

Addicted to Hi-Chews candy. YUM. While I chew on sugary delight and drool down my chin, Faye chews on my thumb and drools down my sleeve. But it keeps us both happy. And yesterday she slobber slapped me with her soggy peacock, Jacque. It seriously splashed when it made contact with my cheek. Notice said Peacock yonder left? Kind of disgusting. Also take note of Faye...she sits! Without aid from bumbo or mom. I'm so proud. 

Summer was too short, and not enough skin exposed. I bought my first one-piece suit in years and braved out in it just once. But at least I have a swimsuit now, even if it was a waste of money this year. I long for a floaty to lounge on. The closest I got this year was sitting in a kiddie pool with a slightly nervous Faye. But the view was cute, since she is an adorable little chunk with rolls you could die for. 

But I was pretty proud of myself for putting on a suit and going out in public at all. I was so worried everyone would be looking at the zebra stripes adorning my legs, but a good friend said "If a man is looking at a married woman's legs that closely, then SHAME on him and he deserves to be mortified." So I went with that attitude. 

This weekend I am throwing a baby shower, my first ever and I am totally stoked about it. Crossing fingers it all turns out well. And I'm off to make a diaper cake!