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Monday, January 23, 2012

Bad Blogger.

Coming up on 2 years now! Now gonna lie, the first year was killer hard, maybe it had something to do with hormones and swollen legs. Or maybe it was just legitimately hard. But year 2, significantly better.

And there is talk of trying for another baby...it usually results in me crying when I think about going through pregnancy again. Though we want our kids to be close in age so they grow up buddies, I think we will wait a bit longer, not too much longer, but long enough for me to accept the inevitable! ;)

Faye is only 9 1/2 months so we have plenty of time to wait. But call me crazy I want to get it done with as fast as possible whilst still maintaining some amount of sanity.
And for your viewing pleasure, here is a picture of my beautiful girl. She just gets prettier everyday. To make things better, she is finally a mama's girl. It's been all about Daddy until 2 months ago and now she can't get enough of me. And I LUHVE it, but I do feel sorry for the hubs now...just a little bit. But she is super mom needy lately. Like I can't leave her sight with out her having a full-blown panic attack. I'm worried the Squeak may have some anxiety issues already. I mean it's hereditary, but I was hoping all our kids could avoid it.

I am so bad at blogging. I think the most consistent I have ever been in blogging was when I was preggo, but that was mainly so I could whine since everyone around me was getting annoyed.  Now-a-days there is not much to whine about so not much blogging gets done! Shouldn't it be the other way around though? Seriously.

On another note: I am buying these sexy ladies
Because it's raining, like a lot.  (big surprise, it's Oregon) And I always envisioned that when I was a mom I would take my kids on all sorts of adventures outside...or in shopping malls. But the soggy grass soaks through all my boots and shoes and Faye is getting cooped up and restless. Which means I need to brave the weather. Enter in boots and an umbrella because my wallet and hubby can't handle too many adventures to the mall. If only we were rich...

And has anyone heard of smash* journals? I have been doing a lot of smashing lately! It's a fun, lazy man's way to scrapbook/journal/doodle. Because I loathe scrap-booking and this makes it almost *gasp* fun.


  1. Bad blogger indeed ashley. Seriously Faye is gorgeous. No surprise there though. But I wanted to tell ya, the screaming when you leave, totally a phase. Sam does it for a month or so, then he's fine. I literally was going CRAZY when he was doing it. I couldn't get ANYTHING done! No worries though, she'll get over it. Adorable boots too! I would totally buy those if it rained over here... it only rains in the summer and my feet would be on FIRE! Take care! Keep blogging!

  2. What is smashing??
    And love the boots. Love Faye - she's so gorgeous!!!