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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Thing 2

Is due to arrive October 2nd 2012. WHAT?!?! Don't I already have a baby that isn't even 1 yet and I am already 13 weeks pregnant? YES!! Hence the reason for my tears 3 days straight after peeing on my stick. But I have made peace with it, and after seeing Thing 2 wiggling away on the ultrasound I am almost getting excited!

We were not trying for the record. We are apparently just oober fertile. I always hate to talk about it, because I know there are a lot of people who have tried for years unsuccessfully to have children. So I feel a bit ungrateful that we get pregnant on birth control or condoms and I cry about it. But I was not at all ready to get pregnant and have another baby just yet. I'm sure that come September I am going to be stoked about the idea of Thing 2, just right now...I'm still confused. One day I am super excited and cannot wait. The next day/even hour I'm wondering the I got myself in to.

Anyway, I am pretty sure this one is a boy. With Faye I was so sick my first trimester and could hardly get off the couch. This time around I have virtually no morning sickness. With Faye my metabolism up and died and I put on weight at enormous speeds. This time that is not even an issue. Faye's pregnancy I craved/needed MEAT, anything meaty belonged in my mouth and fruits and veggies always threatened to leave my stomach by way of mouth. This time I LOVE fruits and veggies...don't get me wrong, a chicken leg still makes me giddy, but at least I can eat more than animal products now. So that is my guess...a boy. We will see for sure in about 7ish weeks though. Ghent swears it will be another girl. We honestly do not even care what we have. Boy or girl we are going to be very happy. Anyway, so that was my big secret a while ago. Next week I am officially in my 2nd trimester, I'm looking forward to the energy again! Not the maternity clothes though!! *shudder*


  1. yay! congrats!! glad you are feeling better this time around. :)

  2. I guess Heavenly Father just knew there is are amazing parents just meant for this little gift from heaven. I am sure Rick and Janis are excited to have another grandchild. So, congrats to you all and hope to see you soon. Michelle Nordstrom

  3. Congrats! And sending comforting peaceful thoughts too. I'm glad this pregnancy isn't as hard on your body as the last one.

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