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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Belly Update

I was horrible at documenting belly growth with Faye. So far I am pretty bad with Thing 2...And eventually I will be so fat I will never take a photo until after Thing 2 has arrived. But until that moment arrives here are my belly shots so far:

WTF??? How did I get so big in 8.5 weeks?!?! 
I guess it is bound to happen...

On a happier note, we find out the gender of Thing 2 on Monday!!! *SQUEAL*

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  1. Oh man - the picts make it seem real now! I am so excited for you. I mean, it sounds really hard to have them that close but I totally wish Alice had a little buddy. They're going to tank eachother in a few short (hard) years :D Can't wait to hear what you find out!