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Friday, June 22, 2012

Hello 26 weeks.

WOW!!!!! You mean 34 weeks? No. 26 weeks. I am cooking up another big baby. And he is a hyper little guy...kept me up until 3 am last night. Well between him and Faye I was up until 3, cause Fable was having some serious nightmares. 

We had a really good Father's Day! Ghent's parents came to town for the weekend so we spent it with his family in Portland. We got a hotel, lounged around, visited the pool (FREEZING) and the hot tub! Faye LOVED swimming, so I am really looking forward to our summer now. I was afraid she would hate swimming. I even bought this awesome sexy/super frumpy maternity suit. Like granny style, with a skirted bottom. Oh yeah. 

Faye had a blast pretending to drive...ruh roh.

Father's Day (Grandpa Cooper bought that dress for her!)
Lots of chalk drawing!
Lots of lounging at the park

Fable was amazing the whole time!! We have such a good little girl! We did however, catch her practicing her whine and sad face in the mirror one night. It scared Ghent...a lot! haha! And I got to go to Ikea to buy giant frames to I could finally hang our pictures!!! Faye's photos turned out so amazing!

 And tonight, for date night, we are finally buying our new iComfort memory foam mattress! I cannot wait to sleep comfortably, especially since my back has started killing me lately. It's taken  us months to commit to it though, it's just so expensive (for us), but we love it so much it will be worth it I hope!

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  1. 36 Weeks now? You are getting sooo close! I'm excited for you guys. And Faye's pictures are sooo adorable above the couch. I hope that mattress worked out for you :D