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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I want bangs.

And whatever you do, do not google pregnant women and bangs. It will not pull up happily rounded bellies with thick bangs but rather some XXX stuff. I was hitting my back button at amazing speeds. My belleh is growing! And I am having a REALLY hard time with it this pregnancy. I loathe weight gain of any type, even if it means you are growing a healthy baby, it still makes me cry when I think about numbers. I don't understand how some prego peeps gain all their weight in the belly and not an ounce anywhere else. When I am prego, my face, arms, thighs, belly and boobs are prego. I am trying to watch what I eat, without getting obsessed, but I'm still gaining weight everywhere. And that is why I am putting off bangs for now. Because, though I desperately want them, I am terrified they will draw attention to my chipmunk cheeks. Maybe as a congratulatory gift to myself for hitting my old weight after baby boy is here, I will go chop the bangs. Then get an IUD so that I don't get pregnant again without intending too.

Speaking of bangs....

Fable's are out of control. I don't want a toddler with bangs though so I am trying to grow them out, but she won't let me clip them back. Sometimes, but not always she lets me put her hair in a little top pony though. Otherwise she is sporting this classy little do. (Looks kinda emo)

Her bedtime routine is AWESOME now! I noticed the last couple months she is getting super, super attached to her little giraffe blanket. Like cries if it's not in her crib (heaven forbid I left it in the wash before bed or naps). So lately I have been experimenting because normally I have to lay down with her until she falls asleep, wake her up and move her to the crib where she snuggles her blanket. But recently I started laying down with her for a few minutes, then moving her to the crib before she falls asleep. And finally last night she went straight to her crib without a fuss! Just mashed her cute little face into her blanket, grabbed her doll and waved bye-bye to me as I walked out. I sat at her door for like 5 minutes waiting for her to cry...but she never did!! And lately for naps all I have to do is lay her down with her blanket and doll and she is good to go! A part of me is so sad though because I like snuggling her to sleep, but I know we needed to break that habit before baby boy gets here because it will be too hard. But I am going to miss the bedtime snuggles. Hopefully when the newness of walking wears off she will be more inclined to snuggle with me on the couch like she used to.

Man, I made a cute kid.

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