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Thursday, June 7, 2012

My boobs exploded

And I have the best husband EVER! Last night I spent my entire night (beginning after Fable went to bed) cleaning!! In my exhausted pregnant state I cleaned until 12:30 am. Then hauled my pregnant hiney to bed. This morning Faye woke up and completely demolished the entire downstairs in like 30 minutes flat. I was Dev-A-Stated! As in almost crying. She flung cheerios all over and by the time I got to her she was mashing them into the newly cleaned carpet. Let's say she was on one today. Because while I was cleaning up the cheerios she made her diaper stash explode, scattered toys everywhere and spilled her sippy of milk. At that point I gave up on the cheerios and just sat on the couch completely depressed. After Faye's nap (which was filled with dyin mah her, with a *gasp* box dye) we went to a friends to watch her twins while she ran some errands. I'm still totally depressed about the mess waiting for me at home. Anyways, I go home a couple hours later and walk in the door to a perfectly clean house and a fresh apple strudel on the counter with a sweet little note from the hubs. He snuck home from work while I was watching the kiddos and cleaned the house for me!! *SOB* And I did. Literally. It was the sweetest thing he has ever done and I cried (because I'm pregnant). So tonight I can get around to sewing because I just haven't had anytime lately! Best hubby ever, right?! And he hates it when I talk about him in blog land, but you can't not mention something that amazing. Love him.

And in the last week, my boobs exploded. They are HUGE.

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  1. what a sweet hubby!

    and the boob explosion...eh...it was bound to happen - always does. at least it happened later in pregnancy, and not at like 12 weeks, which is what mine did. ech.

    hang in there ash!